Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Side Show

We are being "treated" to a side show which is known as the Leveson Enquiry. For many weeks now we have been invited to marvel at what is constantly described as a "probing" or "subtle" or (posh word) "forensic" examination by Robert Jay with occasional interjectory enquiries by Leveson himself when he rouses from inevitable sleep. Indeed the endeavour to remain in any useful state of consciousness for anyone watching is challenging.

Occasional excitement is provided. But it comes without warning and one needs to remain in a state of alertness simply not possible for anyone requiring normal levels of stimulation. One can only marvel at the ranks of sometimes recognisable journalists and at their ability to stay awake and even look busy. What can they really be occupying their minds with?

Of course, any sensible person knows what has really transpired between the politicians and the most powerful section of the print press over the last several decades. There's simply nothing to be learned. The thing to fear from the outcome is another sort of Dangerous Dogs Act: benign in conception, disastrous and ineffectual in practice.

But at the moment, the Leveson Enquiry is a side show. Not in itself watchable, but ably distilled for us by the media. We may take pleasure in the apparent discomfiture of our despised politicians as they take the witness stand, but this only adds to the effectiveness of the enquiry as a side show and a distraction from the ghastliness that is actually happening.


  1. 'but ably distilled for us by the media'

    Really? Perhaps you should read Private Eye to see the different standards of reporting between the major media outlets.

    Effectively censored by the media would be a fairer description.

    1. Fair comment. I don't read Private Eye and haven't for years. Perhaps I should start!

      I do try to read The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph (Kindle editions) daily, which gives me an interesting contrast, to say the least.

      Thanks for the contribution!

    2. I suppose that I should remember that Private Eye has its own axes to grind, as well.

      But I should have added in my first comment that I'm in broad agreement with your article. :)

    3. Thank you. Your comments are welcome. I simply don't have time to stay across all the tens of thousands of words of comment published daily, and admire those who manage it!

      But I do my best within my limits.