Saturday, 30 July 2011

Things you don't see anymore...

  1. Schoolboys with short trousers

  2. Mostly thin people in the street

  3. Rag-and-bone men

  4. White dog shit

  5. Huge mobile phones

  6. Separate compartments on trains

  7. "Ladies Only" compartments on trains

  8. Guards on London tube trains

  9. Coppers doing "point duty" with those white, pull-on sleeves

  10. The Radio Times only listing BBC programmes

  11. People looking at what's around them instead of at their mobiles

  12. Toddlers walking rather than being chauffered around in those awful buggies

  13. "City gents" with bowlers and tightly-furled umbrellas (always black)

  14. String bags (why not?)

  15. Those old metal dustbins which were always emptied once a week - and worked!