Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Frog and the Scorpion

Once upon a time there was a Clegg and a Cam. One sunny day, the Cam thought he would like to cross the river, but, alas, he could not swim. Happening upon a Clegg who was basking in the spring sunshine, he said, "Oh Clegg! I wish to cross the river, but alas, I cannot swim. Would you let me ride on your back?" "You must be joking!" quoth the Clegg. "You would sting me and I would die." "Not, so!" cried the Cam. "Why would I do that? We would then both surely drown!"

Convinced, the Clegg permitted the Cam to climb upon his back and they both embarked on their crossing. In the midst of the waters, the Cam stung the Clegg. "Woe!" cried the Clegg, in some pain, and wanting some music to cry to. "You have betrayed me and have surely killed us both! What caused you to act thus?"

"Why, it's my nature!" declared the Cam, as they both sank beneath the rippling waters of the Thames at Westminster.

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